2004/10: Warrabri (Ali Curung) Northern Territory. Radioactive, Nitrate

Warrabri (Ali Curung) Northern Territory – Radioactivity

Highest radioactivity levels recorded recently (2010) in the Northern Territory are; 0.95mSv/yr Laramba (Napperby) 0.9mSv/yr Binjari, 0.828258mSv/yr Willowra, 0.81mSv/yr Warrabri (Ali Curung).
“Naturally occurring uranium concentrations above the guideline value have been identified in the drinking water supply at Ti Tree and Pmara Jutunta. The community has been informed and the Department of Health and Community Services has stated that there is no immediate threat to public health. A new groundwater supply has been developed close to Pmara Jutunta that has both uranium and total dissolved solids below guideline values. Power and Water is in
the process of building a pipeline that will connect the new bore water supply to Ti Tree/Pmara Jutunta. The new borewater supply will be operational in 2004-2005.”

Power And Water Quality Report 2004


ADWG Health Guideline:Nitrate/Nitrite 50mg/L (Bottle Fed Infants)100mg/L.

A level of 80mg/L was detected in the community of Warrabri in the Northern Territory in 2010.

“High nitrate levels may cause a condition (methaemoglobinaemia) in which the capacity of the blood to carry oxygen is reduced (NHMRC-ARMCANZ 1996). This is especially a concern for newly born infants with other complicating conditions” p9 https://www.environment.gov.au/soe/1996/publications/technical/pubs/drinking.pdf