Jan 12 2023: Deniliquin (NSW) Taste and Odour

Water safe to drink, says council

Jan 12 2023 (Shepparton News)

Residents of Deniliquin may currently be noticing some discolouration and an unpleasant taste and odour of their water supply.

Edward River Council acting director infrastructure Katrina Bennett said while it may not “look, taste or smell the best, the water is safe to drink.”

Council provides water in accordance with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

Whilst aesthetically unappealing, the water is not harmful.

“We acknowledge that the colour, taste and odour of the water is not optimum, however can confidently reassure the community that the water quality remains within requirements and there is no need for residents to boil their drinking water,” Ms Bennett said.

All NSW Water Utility supply systems are heavily regulated by NSW Health to ensure that the water is safe and fit for drinking.

“Council undertakes strict and regular monitoring and testing of our water quality with the water sampled and analysed through all stages of collection, treatment, storage, and distribution.

“Our teams are currently flushing the water mains in areas of concern to help alleviate the problem as quickly as possible.

“Unfortunately, the current discoloured water issue affecting some residents is due to high levels of manganese in the river water due to the floods.

“This can be difficult to treat as it stays soluble in the water until it oxidises once it’s treated with chlorine and pH correction; both of which are vital to ensure the water is safe to drink.

“We will continue to monitor our water quality vigilantly.”