1/7/19: Regents Park (Queensland). Hydrocarbons

1/7/19: Regents Park (Queensland)

Following a customer enquiry, Loganwater took samples from a property in Regents Park. Normal hydrocarbon results for Benzene, Ethylbenzene, Toluene, Xylene were within ADWG (Health) limits. However Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon and Total Recoverable Hydrocarbon results of 40µg/L were detected (for both). There are no ADWG Health limits for these.
In consultation with QLD Health, the Regulator, Industry WQ experts and other relevant guidelines, including WHO guidelines for Petroleum Products in Drinking Water (2008), it was decided that an appropriate limit was 90µg/L. This meant the results were within acceptable limits and there was no health issue. The issue was reported regardless and led to an improvement in process and customer complaint handling.