1972 August + 2020/21 – Swan Hill (Victoria) – Pesticide (Amitrole), Fluoride

Swan Hill (Victoria) – Pesticides

1972 August: Amitrole 320μg/L – 2011 Australian Guideline Amitrole 0.9μg/L

Untitled document ‘Contamination Limits’ State Rivers and Water Supply Commission August 1972

2020/21 – Swan Hill (Victoria) – Fluoride
2020/21: Swan Hill (Victoria) – Fluoride 1.4mg/L (max), 0.53mg/L (av.)

Based on health considerations, the concentration of fluoride in drinking water should not exceed 1.5 mg/L.

“Fluoride occurs naturally in seawater (1.4 mg/L), soil (up to 300 parts per million) and air (from volcanic gases and industrial pollution). Naturally occurring fluoride concentrations in drinking water depend on the type of soil and rock through which the water drains. Generally, concentrations in surface water are relatively low (<0.1–0.5 mg/L), while water from deeper wells may have quite high concentrations (1–10 mg/L) if the rock formations are fluoride-rich.” 2011 ADWG.