2009: Smiggin Holes (New South Wales) – E.coli

Jindabyne (New South Wales) – E.coli

“In New South Wales, contamination by E.coli and Lead were the most significant health-related non-compliances recorded (Table 4). The incidences of Total Coliform contamination may indicate an inability to maintain a chlorine residual, inadequate treatment, or potential re-contamination of treated water supplies. During 2007-08, 22 “boil water” alerts were issued in NSW over the 25 months to June 2008 (Armstrong and Gellatly 2008). Boil water alerts
indicate a suspected or confirmed microbial contamination. The popular ski holiday destinations of Jindabyne and Smiggin Holes experienced a highly publicised microbial contamination incident in 2009. Approximately 120 guests became ill as a direct result of contaminated drinking water at Smiggin Holes, while a sewer overflow into Jindabyne’s
drinking water supply went un-detected for three days”. P15 Review of Regional Water Quality and Security Volume 1. Infrastructure Australia October 2010.