2010/11: + 2017/19 Dookie (Victoria) – Chloral Hydrate, Iron, Blue Green Algae

Dookie (Victoria) – Chloral Hydrate

Highest Detections only  2010/11

Dookie 22ug/L [mean 10ug/L] Chloral Hydrate 2010/11

2004 Australian Drinking Water Guideline: Trichloroacetaldehyde (chloral hydrate): 0.02mg/L

2011 Australian Drinking Water Guideline: Trichloroacetaldehyde (chloral hydrate): 0.1mg/L

“Chloral hydrate is a disinfection by-product, arising from chlorination of water containing naturally occurring organic material (NOM). Chloral hydrate has only been detected by Goulburn Valley Water since changing to a new contract testing laboratory in November 2007. The Department of Health is currently conducting a study into the detection of chloral hydrate across Victoria.”

Dookie (Victoria) Iron

2017/18: Dookie (Victoria)  – Iron 0.3mg/L (max)

Based on aesthetic considerations (precipitation of iron from solution and taste),
the concentration of iron in drinking water should not exceed 0.3 mg/L.
No health-based guideline value has been set for iron.

Iron has a taste threshold of about 0.3 mg/L in water, and becomes objectionable above 3 mg/L. High iron concentrations give water an undesirable rust-brown appearance and can cause staining of laundry and plumbing fittings, fouling of ion-exchange softeners, and blockages in irrigation systems. Growths of iron bacteria, which concentrate iron, may cause taste and odour problems and lead to pipe restrictions, blockages and corrosion. ADWG 2011

2018/19 – Dookie (Victoria) – Blue Green Algae

During the reportable period three incidents were notified to DHHS, including Dookie, Kyabram and Tongala which were directly attributable to unprecedented characteristics of a major BGA bloom in the Central Goulburn Irrigation District. The bloom persisted for more than six months affecting sixteen plants directly in GVW’s Central District. BGA created numerous challenges at the water treatment plants resulting in operational changes on a regular basis to ensure customers continued to receive safe drinking water. Water was carted to one of our regulated towns (Goulburn Weir) during the period their raw water supply was impacted by the BGA as levels exceeded the recreational limit. Water carting continued for a month with routine notifications to the customers affected…