2012?: Manton Park Dam Park (NT). N fowleri

Several detections of N. fowleri in the distribution system at Manton Dam Park tap sampling site over the past few years have required Power and Water to increase the free chlorine residual at this site.
This has been achieved in part by:
•the installation of an automatic irrigation system at Manton Dam Park, which routinely draws water through the pipeline and prevents the accumulation of chlorine depleted water
•changing the booster pump feeding the mains that supplies the park to a higher
capacity pump
•the installation of a secondary chlorination facility.
In addition, a significant increase in the number of consumers connected to this main has increased water turnover and reduced the retention time of water in it. These factors together have improved the quality of water supplied to the area in the vicinity of the Manton Dam Park tap sampling site. During the 2012-16 reporting period no Naegleria spp. were detected at
Manton Dam Park tap sampling site.
Power and Water Corporation Water Quality Report 2016