2012 May – Pakenham – MacDonalds Drain Road (Victoria) – Nickel

Pakenham (Victoria) – Nickel

The sixth event was a high nickel result of 0.036mg/L from a non-routine sample on 31 May 2012 from a sample tap at McDonalds Drain Road at the off-take meter for a private extension. This sample tap is located in the Cora Lynn water quality locality. The sample tap was located on the meter and the customer had not been taking water for several months. The lack of turnover of water through the meter caused corrosion, which subsequently resulted in elevated metal concentrations. The elevated concentrations were restricted to the small volume of water contained in the meter. Nickel was the only result that exceeded ADWG. The elevated metals were reduced by flushing, but to prevent this from occurring in the future, the meter was replaced. The sample tap was also relocated to a more suitable location as this location did
not allow for representative sampling of the water in the main due to low turnover.


Nickel: ADWG Health Guideline 0.02mg/L. A chemical element and silvery white corrosion resistant metal with a golden tinge. 60% of nickel production is used in nickel steel (particularly stainless steel). In water, mainly a problem with nickel plated fittings. Main releases to the environment are from the burning of fossil fuels and in waste discharges from electroplating industries.