2013 + 2020: Cotter Storage Reservoir (Australian Capital Territory) – Cyanobacteria

19/12/13: Cyanobacteria >2000 cells/mL or a total biovolume 0.5mm3/L
High risk cyanobacteria Anabaena was detected at one surface sample point within the Cotter Storage Reservoir. Anabaena and Microcystis were also detected at a sample point located upstream of the Cotter Storage Reservoir. Water was not being abstracted from the Cotter Storage Reservoir at the time of these detections.

13/11/20: Cyanobacteria – Cotter Reservoir One high risk species of Blue Green Algae was recorded at notifiable levels at a depth of three meters. The reservoir was not in use at the time and the bloom had dissipated by next sampling occasion.