2014: Shepherds Lane, Bulla (Victoria) – E.coli

Shepherds Lane Tank, 8 May 2014 (Bulla locality)


Routine sampling resulted in a positive E.coli detection of 1 org/100ml at the Shepherds Lane tank.


As per procedure, the tank was spot dosed and resampling was conducted for three consecutive days at the tank and at one reticulation site downstream. The cause of the
detection was considered to be potential ingress into the tank, along with low chlorine residuals.

The operating regime of the system had changed dramatically since the introduction of local water sources. Water age has been an ongoing issue at this site and actions
have been identified for implementation in this system in the future.

These corrective actions include the installation of a small pump to create extra demand on the Shepherds Lane tank, thus exercising the chloramination dosing system at Loemans Road and increasing chlorine residuals in the tank.

On the second day of the resampling, an E.coli was detected at the reticulation site downstream of the tank and an incident was declared (see following entry for further details).