2015 August – Pentland (Queensland) – Mercury

2015 August – Pentland (Queensland) – Mercury
Mercury Detection– Pentland: Whilst preparing this report it was noticed that there had been a very small detection of Mercury (0.0013mg/L– [0.001mg/L to two significant figures]) in August 2015, this was reported to DEWS 30/11/16. All preceding and subsequent tests showed no detection at all (below threshold) and no explanation can be given for the result. The external tester has now reviewed their reporting of non -compliant results and a more thorough internal evaluation process has also been introduced.
Charters Towers Regional Shire Drinking Water Quality Management Plan 2015-16

Mercury: Australian Drinking Water  Guideline 0.001mg/L

Mercury, if it enters the ecosystem can transform into the more toxic methylmercury where it can bioaccumulate. Methylmercury is highly toxic to human embryos, fetuses, infants and children. Mercury has numerous sources including old gold mines, where mercury was used in gold recovery process. It has been estimated that 950 tonnes of
mercury was deposited into Victorian soil, rivers and streams during the various gold rushes.