2016/17 – Tinaroo Park (Queensland) – Pesticide (Thiometon), Colour

2016/17 – Tinaroo Park (Queensland) Pesticides

Tinaroo Park: Thiometon (insecticide) 4.3ug/L (highest level), 1.45ug/L (average for year)

Australian Drinking Water Guideline Thiometon 4ug/L

Tablelands Regional Council Drinking Water Quality Management Report 2016/17

Tinaroo Park (Queensland) – Colour

2016/17: Tinaroo Park (Queensland) – Colour 23 HU (max)

Based on aesthetic considerations, true colour in drinking water should not exceed 15 HU.

“… Colour is generally related to organic content, and while colour derived from natural sources such as humic and fulvic acids is not a health consideration, chlorination of such water can produce a variety of chlorinated organic compounds as by-products (see Section 6.3.2 on disinfection by-products). If the colour is high at the time of disinfection, then the water should be checked for disinfection by-products. It should be noted, however, that low colour at the time of disinfection does not necessarily mean that the concentration of disinfection by-products will be low…