2017 Feb – Camooweal (Queensland) – Turbidity

27/2/17 – Camooweal (Queensland) – Turbidity

A turbidity level of 23.6NTU was measured at the Camooweal BP service station sample site on the 27/02/2017 (reported 30/08/2017 due to reporting limit error). It is suspected that the high turbidity is due to the rusty pipes. Samples collected from the same point returned normal readings thereafter andthis was an isolated case. Council is currently updating their water sampling procedures and training. Furthermore, the reporting limit has been adjusted to flag any readings above 1NTU.

Chlorine-resistant pathogen reduction: Where filtration alone is used as the water treatment
process to address identified risks from Cryptosporidium and Giardia, it is essential
that filtration is optimised and consequently the target for the turbidity of water leaving
individual filters should be less than 0.2 NTU, and should not exceed 0.5 NTU at any time
Disinfection: A turbidity of less than 1 NTU is desirable at the time of disinfection with
chlorine unless a higher value can be validated in a specific context.

Aesthetic: Based on aesthetic considerations, the turbidity should not exceed 5 NTU at the
consumer’s tap.