2018 July – Lucinda (Qld) – PFAS

Lucinda (Qld – Hinchinbrook Council) – PFAS breaches

The Australian Drinking Water Guideline for PFHxS+PFOS is 0.07ug/L. This level was breached at Lucinda in July 2018 at 3 seperate locations at Lucinda. The level was also breached at nearby Macknade in 2018 and 2020. Macknade WTP supplies drinking water to Lucinda.

Lucinda BPS

12/7/18: PFHxS 0.021ug/L, PFOS 0.055ug/L

Lucinda Pump

23/7/18: PFHxS 0.009ug/L, PFOS 0.024ug/L

Sample Point 14 Dungeness

12/7/18: PFHxS 0.022ug/L, PFOS 0.058ug/L

23/7/18: PFHxS 0.009ug/L, PFOS 0.024ug/L

2/8/18: PFOS 0.005ug/L

Sample Point 12 Patterson Pde

12/7/18: PFHxS 0.022ug/L, PFOS 0.061ug/L

23/7/18: PFHxS 0.01ug/L, PFOS 0.026ug/L

SP 13 Vass Street

17/12/20: PFOS 0.002ug/L