2018 March: Guyra (NSW) – Colour

Armidale Regional Council will flush the lines to Guyra to fix the water quality issues

ISSUES with Guyra’s water quality could be plugged with council’s plan to flush the main line.

Armidale Regional Council service leader Mark Piorkowski said a few places in Guyra have continued to experience discoloured water.

“Council teams will conduct wide-area flushing to clean out any remaining pockets of discoloured water in the distribution system,” he said.

“The town water is safe to drink but a number of households in the Guyra district have experienced periods of discolouration during the past few weeks.

“Council staff have responded to each report, with localised flushing and testing, and the wide- area flushing will avoid further occurrences.”

Some homes could temporarily experience reduced water pressure during the mains flushing, which is planned for mid to late April.

A letterbox drop will be conducted to homes in the flushing area, to advise on specific times for each neighbourhood, once dates have been confirmed.

“If your household experiences discolouration of the water after the mains have been flushed, please run your house taps until the water is clear, before using water for washing or drinking,” Mr Piorkowski said.

“Council apologises for any inconvenience residents might experience as a result of the process.

“If your water continues to be affected after running your taps, you can contact Council 24 hours a day on 1300 136 833 or lodge a service request through the Self Service menu on Council’s website.”