2019-20 – Yea (Victoria) – Plasticiser (Diethyl Thlalate)

2019-20: Yea (Victoria) Diethyl Thlalate (plasticiser)

p35 “All the volatile and semi volatile organic compounds tested in source water were reported by the NATA laboratory at values below the limit of detection with the exception of a single detection of Vinyl Chloride in the raw water above the health limit at Cobram and a single detection of diethyl thlalate detected at low levels in the raw water at Yea. Diethyl thlalate does not have a health-based limit within the ADWG. In light of the levels and subsequent downstream treatment processes, there was no risk to public health.” Goulburn Valley Water Water Quality Annual Report 2019-20

Diethyl phthalate is a colorless liquid that has a bitter, disagreeable taste. This synthetic substance is commonly used to make plastics more flexible. Products in which it is found include toothbrushes, automobile parts, tools, toys, and food packaging. Diethyl phthalate can be released fairly easily from these products, as it is not part of the chain of chemicals (polymers) that makes up the plastic. Diethyl phthalate is also used in cosmetics, insecticides, and aspirin.