2019: Crocodile Hole (Western Australia). Uranium, Fluoride

Crocodile Hole (Western Australia) – Uranium

Uranium & Fluoride:

Since baseline testing in November 2019, the drinking water at 50 of these very small communities has been assessed for physical and chemical characteristics. This testing has found several communities with chemicals testing in excess of ADWG guideline levels. Among these the drinking water at Crocodile Hole in the Kimberley region exceeded ADWG guideline levels of both uranium and fluoride on 2 occasions. In October 2020, the Department varied contracts to include annual chemical testing for all these communities… Even when tests were done, the Department did not always act promptly to address water quality issues. It took 9 months to issue a ‘no drink’ notice to a community after a water quality test in 2019. We found that water quality testing in Crocodile Hole in the Kimberley in December 2019 showed levels of fluoride and uranium above ADWG guideline levels.

WA Auditor Report – Delivering Essential Services to Remote Aboriginal Communities 2021 June