2019/20: Fenton & Westerway (Tasmania). Trichloroacetic Acid, Total Haloacetic Acids

Fentonbury & Westerway (Tasmania) – HAA’s

31/7/19: Fenton & Westerway (Tasmania) Total Haloacetic Acid  118 ug/L

25/7/19: Fenton & Westerway (Tasmania) Total Haloacetic Acid 222 ug/L

25/7/19: Fenton & Westerway (Tasmania) Trichloroacetic Acid  132 ug/L

28/10/20: Fenton & Westerway (Tasmania) Total Haloacetic Acid 149 ug/L Location: FBSTE02

28/10/20: Fenton & Westerway (Tasmania) Total Haloacetic Acid  183 ug/L Location: FBSTE03

28/10/20: Fenton & Westerway (Tasmania) Total Trichloroacetic Acid 121 ug/L Location: FBSTE03

Australian Guidelines Trichloroacetic Acid 0.100mg/L, Dichloroacetic Acid 0.100mg/L

“Chloroacetic acids are produced in drinking water as by-products of the reaction between chlorine and naturally occurring humic and fulvic acids. Concentrations reported overseas range up to 0.16mg/L and are typically about half the chloroform concentration. The chloroacetic acids are used commercially as reagents or intermediates in the preparation of a wide variety of chemicals. Monochloroacetic acid can be used as a pre-emergent herbicide, dichloroacetic acid as an ingredient in some pharmaceutical products, and trichloroacetic acid as a herbicide, soil sterilant and antiseptic.” Australian Drinking Water Guidelines – National Health and Medical Research Council…