2020 May: Molong (NSW). Boil Water Alert Turbidity?

Molong (NSW) Turbidity?


Lifted 7/5/20

Cabonne Council advises that consumers in Molong and on the Molong Town water supply should boil water until further notice.

Recent conditions including large influx of runoff into the Molong and Borenore Dams after prolonged drought have caused problems with water treatment potentially making drinking water in the Molong Town Water supply unsafe…

Cabonne Council is working closely with the public health agency to identify conditions that will enable the boil water advice to be lifted. To correct the problem the Cabonne Council is changing the raw water source to an alternative supply. It is expected three days is required to ensure the raw water quality is improved. The advisory will be in effect until the Cabonne Council and the NSW Health are confident that there is no longer a public health concern. Notification of the lifting of this advice will be given when the risk is reduced.