2020 Sep: Mumbil (NSW) – Hardness

Dubbo Regional Council surveys residents on water quality, satisfaction


Sep 16 2020

Dubbo Regional Council should be doing more to encourage water conservation, according to almost two-thirds of the respondants of a recent survey.

In July and August, council surveyed more than 700 people in the local government area to ask about their satisfaction with their water and sewerage service.

The level of satisfaction with response times to water supply problems grew from 56 per cent who were satisfied in 2017 to 80 per cent in 2020.

The satisfaction with the workmanship also increased from 78 per cent to 88 per cent.

But 63 per cent of respondants said council should do more to encourage water conservation.

Concerns were also raised about water quality in Mumbil, especially around the hardness of the water, that is the level of minerals in the water.

Geurie residents also reported problems with their water supply, mainly the quality and colour of water.

Council attributed the complaints to the dirty water and turbidity issues experienced in the town as a result of the drought and poor river quality following a period of heavy rainfall.

The water filtration plan has since been since been upgraded.

Dubbo deputy mayor Stephen Lawrence said the survey gave a “pretty interesting” insight into the community.

“It was interesting to me particularly that of those who answered, 63 per cent believe council should do more in respect of water conservation,” Cr Lawrence said.

“I thought that was an interesting response to get in July and August 2020 when we imposed water restrictions last year at a very high level and that was something that cause a lot of consternation and opinion in the community…”

But the deputy mayor said the response of the survey was comforting because it showed council had its finger on the pulse of the community