2020: Wingecarribee Water Filtration Plant. Giardia, Cyanobacteria

Wingecarribee (NSW) WFP Giardia

July 2020: Pathogens. Wingecarribee WFP

Giardia (53 cysts/10L) detected in  raw water supply to Wingecarribee  Water Filtration Plan. Giardia can cause severe gastrointestinal illness but is easily  disinfected with chlorine during
treatment.  Naturally occurring organism in waterways. Repeat sampling was arranged. Reported to Water Filtration Plant and NSW Health according to protocols, no further action required at this level for raw water.

October 2020: Algae. Wingecarribee WFP

Potential toxin producing cyanobacteria in Wingecarribee raw water > 0.2 mm3/L. Potential toxin producing species. No toxins detected. Naturally occurring organism in
waterways. Notified Wingecarribee Shire Council and NSW  Health. No toxins detected. Updates provided on  subsequent sampling results.