2021/22: Glenlyon Water Treatment Plant (Queensland) – Turbidity

2021/22: Glenlyon WTP – Turbidity

30 samples at the Glenlyon WTP exceeded the acceptable limit in the period 12/02/2021
to the end of the reporting period of 30/06/2021 (with 28 samples at the Haigh Cottage and
33 samples at the Caravan Park (Office) exceeding the limit in this period). The maximum
turbidity recorded in this period was 14.9 NTU, 14.9 NTU, and 15 NTU at the WTP, Haigh
Cottage and Caravan Park respectively. This event was not initially notified to the regulator
as it was determined that there was no risk to public health and the event was under
operational control. Additional testing of manganese and iron levels on the 01/03/2021indicated manganese levels above ADWG aesthetic limits due to oxidation in the treated water tank. Increase in Manganese suspected to have been caused by low dam levels.
This event was notified to the Regulator on the 13/03/201 due to manganese levels above
the aesthetic limit resulting in a discolouration of the water and attributing to increased
turbidity levels. The elevated manganese levels eventually subsided however increasing
turbidity levels persisted due to higher raw water turbidity levels due to subsequent inflows
into Glenlyon Dam. Overall, elevated turbidity levels occurred throughout February – June
2021 and into the 2021/2022 reporting period.

Update: Glenlyon Dam residents and visitors advised to bring potable water

Update 2: 13 January 2022, 2:10pm

This alert applies to all residents and visitors at Glenlyon Dam who receive treated water from the Glenlyon Dam Water Supply.

Glenlyon Dam continues to have higher than normal levels of turbidity in the water supply.

Sunwater has been undertaking a series of actions to investigate the cause of the issue.

Investigations are completed and work will now be undertaken to restore the treatment capability and improve the performance of the Glenlyon Dam Water Treatment Plant.

This work involves replacing the existing UV unit and installing a trial coagulant dosing system to reduce the turbidity levels and improve the treated water quality. Sunwater expects this to be completed early in 2022.

Upon review, a permanent coagulant dosing system will be designed and installed to manage the turbidity levels.

Please be advised, the water quality notice for Glenlyon Dam will stay in effect until Sunwater is confident the issue has been suitably resolved.

Sunwater advises all residents and visitors to not use the tap water for drinking, cooking or brushing teeth. Residents and visitors are urged to bring their own potable water to the recreation area. Limited bottled water is also available for purchase from the Glenlyon Dam Tourist Park office.