2022 April: Bryn Estyn Water Treatment Plant (Tasmania)

Salmon farm discharge into greater Hobart drinking water catchment causes alarm


April 4 2022

The environment upstream of the salmon hatchery on Tasmania’s Florentine River is pristine — it’s a sought-after destination for fly fishers.

Downstream, it is a different story.

Tasmania’s salmon industry has long relied on the state’s freshwater rivers to operate its hatcheries, but the worsening presence of sludge, bacterial matting, and nutrients in the Florentine River has some sounding the alarm.

One of those people is local fly fisher Gerard Castles, who has previously been vocal about concerns with the salmon industry’s operations in coastal waters.

Mr Castles contacted the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) after visiting the Florentine River earlier this month.

He has since sworn off fishing near the Salmon Enterprises of Tasmania (SALTAS) hatchery.