29/5/15: Beverley (South Australia). Contaminated Groundwater. Trichloroethylene

Note: Not likely to have been detected in drinking water

Toxic chemical found in suburban Adelaide

May 29 2015


A TOXIC chemical has been found in groundwater and soil at Beverley in Adelaide’s north-western suburbs.

THE Environment Protection Authority (EPA) says tests have confirmed the presence of trichloroethene or TCE in a number of locations.

TCE is a solvent that can cause nausea, headaches and dizziness with high exposure affecting the respiratory and central nervous systems.

It was previously found in another area in Adelaide where residents were forced to leave their homes.

The EPA said the latest tests found levels of TCE in both groundwater and soil vapour with soil vapour levels higher than expected.

Further tests and analysis will now be conducted to determine the health risks to local residents who have already been warned not to use groundwater for any purpose.

“Residents in the Beverley area will see activity from contractors in the next few weeks who will be drilling a series of small, shallow bore holes to determine what further work or remedial action will be required,” EPA spokesman Peter Dolan said on Friday.