March 3 2020 – Muswellbrook (NSW) – Colour

Muswellbrook Shire town water is safe to drink

March 3 2020

Muswellbrook Shire town water is safe to drink.

Council released a statement on Tuesday afternoon reiterating that “despite current high levels of turbidity following recent rain events which has led to some discolouration, the town water is completely safe to drink.”

Council has also said they have been in consultation with the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and the NSW Department of Health and have modified their treatment process and are continuing to monitor water quality.

“While the water may have a different appearance from the drinking water usually produced at the Muswellbrook water treatment plant the water remains well within the criteria established under the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines,”

“As turbidity levels in the river are reduced the drinking water will return to its normal colouration.”

“Council’s Water and Wastewater operations team tests the drinking water supply regularly throughout the day to ensure the town water is safe to drink and complies fully with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. Test results are also reported to the NSW Department of Health.”

“Council’s dedicated operations team has a proud history of providing high quality drinking water to Muswellbrook, Denman and Sandy Hollow and the rural community through bulk water supply.”