Oct 9 2021: Marrackville (NSW). Taste Issues

Why your water tastes like ‘fresh lawn clippings and dirt’ – but it’s still fine to drink


Oct 9 2021

  • News surrounding issue emerged after residents in Sydney took to social media
  • Many reported to Sydney Water that their water in household tasted like ‘dirt’
  • Sydney Water confirmed they received ‘numerous reports’ of the sudden change
  • The organisation says it is due to a change of weather near Warragamba Dam
  • They are working with water quality technicians, but it could last many weeks 

Outrage has been sparked across Sydney after many residents noticed their water smells like ‘fresh lawn clippings and dirt’.

Residents across the city took to social media from Wednesday to report their concerns that their water had been impacted.

One individual wrote: ‘Loving the new dirty, earthy mouldy water Sydney Water is giving to Parramatta the last few days. I love nothing more than showering in water that stinks like mould.’

‘As of yesterday, my neighbour and I noticed that our @SydneyWaterNews tap water suddenly tastes bad. It tastes a little like dirt. Is anyone else in #Marrickville having this problem?’ wrote another.

While a third asked: ‘Is anyone else’s #sydneywater tasting a bit…earthier than usual this past day?’

Sydney Water confirmed to worried residents on social media that they had received ‘numerous reports’ of the unexpected change in the taste of their water supply.

‘This has been caused by a change of weather near Warragamba Dam that has impacted our supply from that area,’ they wrote.

‘Please be assured that all our water is treated to a very high standard before it enters the drinking water supply and our water quality technicians have found no health impacts to the water supply due to this event.’

Sydney Water added that the only difference residents would notice is the change to the water’s taste.

The organisation is currently notifying water quality technicians of all properties affected by the issue to help manage the situation.

However, the issue may continue for several weeks, depending on the blending of the water sources that supply the water filtration plant.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Sydney Water for further comment.