2010 May: Cairns (Queensland) – Cryptosporidium

Cairns (Queensland) – Crytosporidium

Households warned to boil drinking water.
“A DIARRHOEA inducing parasite found in the faeces of sick animals has been detected in southern Cairns’ water supply, prompting warnings for thousands of residents to boil their water before drinking it. An urgent notice issued by Cairns Regional Council last night advises residents between Fishery Falls and Yarrabah Rd – an estimated 1200-1500 homes including Gordonvale and Goldsborough Valley – to boil tap water before drinking it. The cryptosporidium
parasite – which can also cause nausea and headaches – is resistant to chlorine used to disinfect the water supply from Behana Creek. It is one of two parasites behind the highly publicised 1998 Sydney water crisis.”